Ricky Wolfswinkel Backheel Flick

Posted on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Due to the fact that the Portuguese League is far from being one of the best known leagues in Europe you might not know the name on the title of this article. Ricky Wolfswinkel is one of the top strikers currently playing in Portugal and even though he didn't start the season very well, it seems he is getting back on track judging by the last few games, specially when you see goals like the one on the video below!


Football Gems Ep.1 - James Rodriguez

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hello everyone!
Welcome to "Football Gems", in this series we will be taking a look at some of the best players from around the world that are currently playing in Europe.
I hope everyone will enjoy this series since it brings me great pleasure to make it.

For our first "Football Gems" ever we will be taking a look at James Rodriguez, a young Colombian star (21 years old), that recently has become probably the most important player in FC Porto lineup.
Since Hulk left FC Porto to join Zenit, James Rodriguez took his place as a right winger, he also became even more fundamental in the team first lineup.

James is far from your typical winger, he takes a more cerebral approach to the game, trying to outsmart the defenders by relying on his ability to come up with great passes instead of making crazy runs or using dribbling skills.
If it doesn't sound like a winger it's because he's mainly a number 10 in disguise, Porto formation is your typical 4-3-3, with no room for an old-school number 10 player, so James plays on the wings although during the 90 minutes of the match you can find him a lot of times in the center of the field. When that happens Porto formation transforms a little bit, making it harder for the left-back of the opposing team to put pressure on James since he is more to the center, also leaving space for Porto right-back (Danilo) to come up and cross the ball into the area, making him almost like a second winger.

For a player that doesn't shoot that often he can score some pretty amazing goals with his left foot, and a lot of them as well. Last season he scored 14 goals in 38 appearances, while this year he already has scored 8, and even though by the time I'm writing this he is injured I believe that he will easily surpass that record.

Even though James is only 21 years old he already has earned a few titles, including 2 Portuguese Leagues, and the Europa League in 2011 under the command of Villas-Boas, he was also Colombia U21 captain before being promoted to the main national team.

To conclude James is already one of the top Colombian players, making him very attractive for some European giants.
Rumors that Man United is interested in acquiring the services of the young Colombian star roam about, but whoever might be interested in buying him will probably have to pay a big sum of money, FC Porto is a club known for buying low and selling high, this will most likely be another one of those situations (James release clause is 45M€).

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Welcome to "Keeping Possession"

Posted on Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello and welcome to "Keeping Possession", the blog for people who, like me, live for the greatest sport of all time. Football!

This will be my personal project where I will express my opinions, share my knowledge of the game and also try to show everyone how beautiful this game can be.

In case people are interested I'm from Portugal, therefore I will pay special attention to our domestic competitions.
We currently have two great contenders for the title, F.C. Porto who are the current champions and S.L. Benfica.
I hope that through my articles, readers will pay a little bit more attention to the Portuguese League and our players.

The main focus of "Keeping Possession" will be the English Premier League, since I find it the most interesting league to watch and analyze.
Of course that the Spanish, Italian, French, German and other European Leagues will also be covered.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy "Keeping Possession".